Augmentation Well Update

  1. We reached the required number of petitions of lakefront owners supporting the effort to research, construct, and fund via Special Assessment, an augmentation well if a viable site can be found 
  2. Currently, the primary locations under consideration are in Elmgate and Shady Beach. There is also a potential, but less likely, location at the beach park at Bayside 

The Elmgate parcel is owned by OLCC and they have offered to donate this parcel if it is the most viable location. 

The SBIA site is adjacent to the Association garage along the marina canal. No agreement with SBIA has been made. It is only being reviewed for viability at this time. SBIA Board will solicit input from Shady Beach residents and would expect some form of appropriate financial compensation for the site before agreeing to allow that site to be used, if the Elmgate site is not viable.

Ultimately, assuming a viable well site is located, ownership of whichever site is selected will be transferred to the County.

  1. Spicer Engineering has been contracted to do preliminary assessments of these 2 primary locations and they are working on a report which will provide more data on potential viability. That report should be completed in December and USCLA will report its findings to residents as the process continues. That report will ultimately be submitted to the State for their approval as required by law. The funding for this preliminary assessment study was advanced by USCLA, which will likely be returned through the Oakland County Water Board from residual funds left over from the new dam installation, which was completed under budget.
  2. A more detailed estimated budget for the project will also be developed after more data is provided by the Spicer report. This will include a test well phase to determine and verify well volume capacity and well depth before the final well would be constructed. 
  3. There is no guarantee that a viable well which meets our needs will be located and achieved, sothese early expenses and efforts may result in a dead end, but our preliminary discussions with well experts, engineers, and the County support the strong likelihood of potential success.