Boat Launch & Marina Notice

With the boating season well into swing, please be courteous to fellow boaters and be mindful of boats docked near the ramp.  We’ve had reports of nearby boats being hit during launch and loading.  It’s helpful to have assistants in your boat to help the driver.  With the increased number of ‘day dockers’ please note the area between the street and marina drive is the primary area for vehicles with trailers (angle parked).  Please reserve this area for vehicles with trailers.  There is overflow trailer parking available on the street adjacent to the trailer parking area.

It’s always helpful to minimize the number of cars we park near the boat docks if possible, especially on the weekends.  We are also often finding many cars and landscaping equipment parked along Shore Drive and Shady Beach in front of boats that are blocking access to our members boats.  Please be polite and maintain use of these areas for boaters. 

Please do not leave the boat ramp unattended after you have unlocked it to ensure we do not have any unauthorized use of the ramp.  Let’s keep our private lake private.

Also a reminder that the slips nearest to the ramp are for use during launch and loading.  If you need to have your boat in the water during the day (meals, bathroom breaks) please use the day dock area against the seawall behind the association garage.  No overnight docking is allowed except in permanently assigned boat slips.  The boat dock chairman will offer unused boat slips to those on the wait list based on seniority.  Dock renters cannot sub-lease their docks.

If you boat extends past the end of your dock, please leave your engines in the down position to provide more room for fellow boaters to navigate through the canal.  This will also help protect your prop from damage.

Please see our web-site for additional rules and guidelines.  Safe and happy boating!