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Boat Slip/Subletting Reminder

There has been some confusion lately on how the process works with boat slip rental and subletting.  Please see the excerpt below taken from the Boat Dock Rules & By Laws under the “Homeowners” tab on our website:

2. Boating privileges are provided for a fee for association Members, and are not provided for the use of guests, houseguests or boarders.  There is a limit of one dock per membership.  When all dock space is filled, a waiting list will be established.  All dock assignments, reassignments and temporary assignments are to be managed by the Boat Dock Chairman and offered to the membership based on the Dock Assignment Priority Wait List maintained by the SBIA leadership.

18.If an assigned Boat Dock is not used by the Member for a period of two years (although paid for), upon 30 days written notice from the Boat Dock Committee Chairman, the boat dock shall be deemed abandoned and may be reassigned to a different member by the Boat Dock Chairman, following the Boat Dock Assignment Priority Wait List.  The Member, whose dock is being reassigned, will not be reimbursed for the unused portion of the current year’s usage or any past year’s expense.

19.A member may give up their assigned dock for reassignment, at anytime during the yearly season, for any reason, however the member will not be reimbursed the season’s fee.  Additionally, the reassignment will be handled by the Boat Dock Committee Chairman, following the Dock Assignment Priority Wait List.

20.Resident Member who cannot use their assigned dock due to extenuating circumstances (examples could include:  financial hardship, health, a temporary leave of the neighborhood–house fire, temporary job change, etc.) while they are still a member, may petition the SBIA Executive Board to allow them to maintain their dock.   If the petition is granted, the temporary open dock must be reassigned by the Boat Dock Committee Chairman following the Dock Assignment Priority Wait List.