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President’s Letter to the General Membership

Hi everyone!  Just a short note to say that I’m happy to serve on our Board this year and look forward to getting back out on the lake in a few short months.  If you have thoughts or ideas on things we could or should be doing, please don’t hesitate to give me a call, or better yet show up at one of our next meetings.


What follows are the highlights from our most recent meeting on January 30th.


  • Our 2023 Operating Budget was reviewed, discussed and approved.


  • The board decided to absorb the new SAD expense this year rather than increase member fees. Thus, there will be “no changes” to any of our dues & fees for 2023.


  • We’ve received the insurance payment for the repair of our subdivision sign on Old Orchard Trail and Shady Beach Dr. and are waiting for the repair work to begin.


  • As you may have noticed we have very nice signage already on our properties for Marina and Beach Rules. The Board approved to move forward with a new Park Rules sign that will be installed near the basketball court.  The major issues driving this were: non-members using the basketball court that were not accompanied by a member, littering, loud foul language and using the basketball court after dark by light provided by cars.  The new Park Rules include: guests must be accompanied by a member, no littering, no foul language, no fires, and the basketball court will close at dusk.  If you would like to provide input on the Park Sign, please come to the next meeting and share.


  • New boat ramp keys or beach access cards will not be issued. We will continue to use what was previously issued, for the 2023 season.


  • We are seeking new quotes for mowing/maintenance of the Park, Marina and Beach. We would also like to entertain quotes to: power wash all the docks and paint the side boards.  Please provide any referrals to Chuck Broadwater at: [email protected].


  • Brad Filips, a current SBIA Board Member, has agreed to become our 2023 Boat Dock Chairman.


  • As outlined in our bylaws I conducted an audit into our financials and reviewed our processes, checks & balances, bank statements and balances. Let it be known that everything is sound.  We all owe a huge debt of gratitude to Rick Cumbo (Treasurer) and Jill Segal (Recording Secretary) for the on-going great work of running the business of our association.  The two have been doing this faithfully and with integrity. Thank you!


  • The new home being built at the south end of Shore Dr. is doing so under some very cramped space. SBIA has agreed to allow them to have their porta potty on our land south of our garage on the canal side.  They have also received some wood shipments there and the builder has agreed to repair and make as good as new any damage to our grass or road side gravel.  We’ve also asked the builder to have all contractors park on roadside gravel and not on the grass or the gravel road at the marina.  As the gravel at the marina and substructure will not support any heavy trucks  If you see any bad behavior down there, please do inform me, so I can be the SBIA voice to the builder.   


Our next meeting will be March 13th at 7pm at Tobie Scheibel’s home located at: 5574 Birdview Hts.