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Shady Beach Improvement Association 

The next SBIA Association meeting will be held on Monday, December 5, 2022

at 7:00 pm at the Cumbo Residence

(See Newsletter for details)

Members are invited to attend the monthly SBIA Board Meetings to find out what the all-volunteer Board is doing to improve our Shady Beach community. Provide your input, ideas and feedback. Additionally, we welcome Members to join committees to help us on the various events and activities throughout the year. Get involved, get to know your neighbors, and help make our community even better!


Shady Beach entrance

Board Members

Eric Cohen (President) 248-790-5081
Tobie Scheibel (Vice-President)  619-889-1215
Rick Cumbo (Treasurer)   248-318-3001
Jill Segal (Recording Secretary)   248-224-5455
Kathy Goss (Corresponding Secretary)   248-515-5098
Peggy Donovan (Board Member)  248-762-3021
Brad Filips (Board Member)  734-546-4662
Larry Goss (Board Member) 248-318-1463