Boat Dock Rules & By Laws

Shady Beach Marine Rules and Regulations Governing Boat Dockage and Ramp Usage

  1.  Boats and watercraft launching is permitted only at the boat ramp (kayaks, canoes and non-motorized inflatables can be launched over the sea wall).

    2. Boating privileges are provided for a fee for association Members, and are not provided for the use of guests, houseguests or boarders.  There is a limit of one dock per membership.  When all dock space is filled, a waiting list will be established.  All dock assignments, reassignments and temporary assignments are to be managed by the Boat Dock Chairman and offered to the membership based on the Dock Assignment Priority Wait List maintained by the SBIA leadership.

    3.  Members shall keep the Boat Dock, Ramp and, and adjacent areas free of debris and anything that may cause fire or a safety hazard.

    4.  Boats and watercraft will be in a sea worthy condition and will not constitute a fire hazard or such boat or watercraft shall be removed from the boating facilities at the owner’s expense.

    5.  No swimming or diving will be permitted within the Boating Facilities.

    6.  Members shall not store supplies, materials, accessories, or debris on any of the walkways and shall not construct thereon any structures or improvements.

    7.  Use of any open flame device, toxic chemicals or any other hazardous equipment or supplies within he Boating Facilities is prohibited.

    8.  Member agrees not to place stored gasoline of fuel on the boat or watercraft or within any Boating Facilities except as contained in the boat or watercrafts OEM fuel tank.

    9.  Member agrees to comply with all the laws and with all the police, fire and sanitary regulations.

    10.Members shall be solely responsible for the care and the condition of boat and watercraft covers.

    11.Member shall be responsible for the conduct of the Member’s guests on the boat or watercraft and within the Boating/Marine facilities.

    12.Modifications to the docks or shoreline not permitted for the purpose of installing boat hoists, shelters, storage boxes or similar devices. All other desired modifications must be approved by the boat dock committee chairman.

    13.No boat or watercraft shall exceed 21 feet in length (as defined on the Boat’s Michigan Watercrafts registration) or 22 feet in length if the watercraft is designated as a pontoon as described on the Michigan Watercraft registration.

    14.All boats and watercraft must be moored in a fashion that no part of the boat, engine or accessory exceeds 24 feet in length as measured from the sea wall.  Any boat found exceeding the 24 foot length must be brought into compliance within seven days of notice from the boat dock chairman.

    15.All boats and watercraft shall be removed from the water by December 1st f each year.  Any boat or watercraft not removed from the facilities by December 1st may be removed by the Association and the cost of removal will be billed to the owner.

    16.When requested, members shall provide to the Boat Dock Chairman a current Michigan Watercraft Registration for any boat utilizing the boating facilities (day use or docking).  The boat must be registered to the member at the SBIA subdivision address.

    17.SBIA ramp usage is allowed to USL lakefront residents and legal lake access individuals, for yearly fee (defined in the SBIA fee listing).  The boats or watercraft launched must be registered to the lake owner’s lake o lake access address.  The yearly fee covers all boats registered to the owner’s legal lake usage address.

    18.If an assigned Boat Dock is not used by the Member for a period of two years (although paid for), upon 30 days written notice from the Boat Dock Committee Chairman, the boat dock shall be deemed abandoned and may be reassigned to a different member by the Boat Dock Chairman, following the Boat Dock Assignment Priority Wait List.  The Member, whose dock is being reassigned, will not be reimbursed for the unused portion of the current year’s usage or any past year’s expense.

    19.A member may give up their assigned dock for reassignment, at anytime during the yearly season, for any reason, however the member will not be reimbursed the season’s fee.  Additionally, the reassignment will be handled by the Boat Dock Committee Chairman, following the Dock Assignment Priority Wait List.

    20.Resident Member who cannot use their assigned dock due to extenuating circumstances (examples could include:  financial hardship, health, a temporary leave of the neighborhood–house fire, temporary job change, etc.) while they are still a member, may petition the SBIA Executive Board to allow them to maintain their dock.   If the petition is granted, the temporary open dock must be reassigned by the Boat Dock Committee Chairman following the Dock Assignment Priority Wait List.

    21.Members are allowed to have two approved boats in the lake and/or canal at any time, however members may have only one boat moored at any time (either at their dock or at the day docking area of the sea wall).  Boats being day docked must be removed daily (no overnight mooring).  Members that routinely disobey this rule risk losing their ramp and docking privilege for the rest of the season.

    22.Failure by any Member (or Member’s family) to adhere to these rules and regulations or any other rules and regulations promulgated by the Officers and Directors of Shady Beach may result in forfeiture of their boat dock privileges