Kayak at sunset

Kayak / Canoe Racks

Water activities are a major benefit of having lake access to Upper Straits Lake.  The Shady Beach Association has 2 kayak / Canoe racks that facilitate storage of a total of 17 boats; 8 on the rack by the marina and 9 attached to the beach park pavilion.

Each year in early spring rack spaces are assigned to SBIA Members via a lottery to be held at the March Association meeting.

Rack Space Rules:

  • The time frame to enter the lottery and when rack spaces will be assigned/announced will be communicated via the SBIA Email
  • Only SBIA Members who paid their dues for the year are eligible for a rack space
  • Rack spaces will be assigned based on priority selected from the random Canoes cannot be stored on the grass.
  • Each entry will be assigned only one If all entries have been assigned and there are remaining rack spaces available, then those spaces will be assigned to any members requesting more than one space.
  • SBIA assumes no responsibility or liability for damage, theft, or vandalism to canoes, kayaks or other items left on SBIA property or for personal accident or injury of any kind resulting from or related to the use of the canoe / kayak
  • Persons using the canoe / kayak racks do so at their own
  • Canoe I kayak owners are encouraged to secure their water craft and to not leave paddles, life vests, cushions or other personal items
  • Canoe I kayak racks are for seasonal All canoes and kayaks shall be removed from the property by Dec 1.
  • Canoes / kayaks remaining after Dec 1 shall be deemed abandoned and considered a donation to the SBIA to either sell or give away.
  • Canoes and kayaks must have owner’s name displayed in a clearly visible location when stored on the For example: Permanent marker on Duct Tape.
Kayak rack - beachpavilion
Kayak rack - marina