SBIA Membership Dues Breakdown & FAQs

HOA dues range nationally between $50/month to as much as $1,000/month.  These dues vary by state, size of communities and amenities offered.  Nationally, the average range is $200-$300 month.  In Metro-Detroit, the average HOA dues is $114/month. 

Research also shows that home values within a subdivision with HOA is 5%-7% greater than homes without HOA.  Not only does participation provide current day enjoyment, it provides a great return on investment in home property values!

How does SBIA annual dues compare to national and local averages?  

SBIA’s base dues for 2024 are $300/year = only $25/month!!!

Membership FAQs

Yes, a renter can become a member and utilize all of the benefits of membership except for boat docks.

No, but you the majority of homeowners, belong and we hope you will.  See more about membership info here.

1)  A homeowner who would like a boat slip must first become a member of SBIA (annual fee).

2)  Pay the additional fee to be added to the boat slip waitlist (one-time fee)

3)  Decide if you want to day launch your boat, if yes, pay the day dock fee (an annual fee)

4)  Decide if you would be open to subletting a boat slip. Note you must currently own a boat that is titled and properly insured and registered in your name.  Contact the Boat Dock Chairman to be added to the sublet boat slip list.

5)  When a dock becomes available, a general announcement will be made, and a boat slip meeting will be scheduled to assign any open slip(s).

6)  During the Boat Slip Assignment Meeting, the member with the highest seniority can select or pass on any open slip.  If they select the newly opened slip, then their slip will become available, and it may be reassigned to another member based on seniority.  If no current boat slip member desires the new boat slip, then the next member on the Waitlist may select the open slip.

7)  The member needs to pay in full the boat slip dues (an annual fee)

No, only homeowner members can rent docks or be on the boat dock waitlist.  If you are a renter member, you can launch your boat but not store in the marina.

SBIA’s ramp can be accessed as paid member who lives in Shady Beach OR if you are an Upper Straits Lake, lake front property owner, you can use our ramp after 1) substainting you are a Upper Straits Lake front owner, 2) and paying our annual IN/OUT Ramp fees, 3) Coordinating in advance, 3 days prior notice or more please, with one of our Boat Committee Members.   

Although the marina is a great amenity in Shady Beach, the majority of membership dues goes for the maintenance and improvement of all common grounds including beach park, center park, entrance, and the landscape surrounding the marina with a small fraction covering the mutiple community social events.  New for 2023 is the addition of wifi security cameras.  All of these are benefits for all members.

The members with boat slips pay additional fees for boat slip specific maintenance.