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Boat Ramp Keys / Beach Keys 2023

Please do not discard your boat ramp key that you used for the 2022 boating season as we may be using the same keys for 2023.

Please hold onto your beach cards as well since we do not replace those each year.  Thank you

Beach Key Issue

We’ve received a few calls that the beach key card entry system has been acting up.  Specifically, when the member swipes their card the gate locks instead of opens.  For example, if you are inside the beach and trying to leave and hit the button, the gate locks instead of opens.  This is caused by some strange reverse polarity.  If this happens to you, here’s what you can do(so you don’t hurt yourself trying to jump the fence). 

  1. Let it time out by waiting at least 10 seconds before you try to swipe your card or hit the button again.
  2. Please call one of us board members to let us know as we are trying to gauge the frequency of this condition.
Dan Chester (President)   248-505-5300
Chuck Broadwater (Vice President)  248-724-6040
Rick Cumbo (Treasurer)   248-318-3001
Jill Segal (Recording Secretary)   248-224-5455
Kathy Goss (Corresponding Secretary)  248-515-5098
Peggy Donovan (Board Member)  248-762-3021
Brad Filips (Board Member)  734-546-4662
Eric Cohen (Board Member) 248-790-5081