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UPDATE: Builder Presentation Re: Property at Entrance to Sub

At the February 21 SBIA meeting a presentation was made by Ray Leduc of R.L. Corporation in which he confirmed his interest in purchasing the “Fitzpatrick” property and to petition the City of Orchard Lake to allow him to divide it into 4 buildable homesites. He asked the Members in attendance to consider allowing for 3 additional SBIA memberships so that each homesite would have the ability to join the SBIA and have access to the lake, marina, and other community amenities.

A considerable amount of time was spent asking questions and discussing Mr. Leduc’s plans with him. After his presentation he left the meeting and more discussion continued among the Members in attendance regarding the pros and cons of granting his request.

A motion was made and seconded to continue negotiations with Mr. Leduc and further explore this request. That motion failed to receive a majority of votes from the Members in attendance and therefore did not pass. 

Original post dated February 4, 2022:

At this upcoming SBIA meeting, attendees will receive a presentation by Ray Leduc of R.L. Corporation regarding the potential lot split into 4 homesites (subject to the approval of the City of Orchard Lake Village) of the “Fitzpatrick property” and a request for three additional SBIA memberships. This is the property fronting Old Orchard Trail and Shady Beach Blvd, on the SW corner, at the entrance to our subdivision.


One (1) SBIA membership is Grandfathered onto the property now.


Mr. Leduc has asked for formal consideration of his request for additional memberships and will be providing more conceptual details and information on what his plans are for the property. 


SBIA has a formal process outlined in Article IX of our Articles of Organization to review, hold a series of scheduled informational and discussion meetings for Members, and ultimately to hold a vote of the Members to decide if additional memberships will be granted. Those scheduled meetings will be properly noticed in advance pursuant to Article IX. This meeting will be an additional informational meeting prior to beginning the formal process. All Members are invited to attend.