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President’s Letter – August 2023

I’d like to start off by giving some shout outs.  Thanks to:

  • John Jason the rock star living in our neighborhood who delivered a fantastic concert at the beach for us!  What a beautiful evening it was for all who attended and enjoyed John’s classic rock, country and original songs.  Please do “follow” him on Instagram @johnjasinmusic or if you want to book him for an event, here’s his phone 714.493.8918
  • Mark Hoffman for keeping the beach swim buoys afloat.
  • Brad Filips for working with dock renters and subletters such that every dock has been full all summer long to maximize memberships. 
  • Chuck Broadwater for working with various contractors to have the dead trees taken out and for repairing our beach gate security system.
  • Rick Cumbo for paying all the contractors and keeping our finances in order.
  • Tobie Scheibel for keeping the two washboard signs current with our events.
  • Kathy Goss for pushing out the newsletter and surveys.
  • Krystal & Martin Malota for lining up a landscape crew that weeded all our mulch areas and putting down new mulch.  This team did a great job for us!

You may have also noticed the kids play structure has been cleaned, tightened and refinished – and man does it look great!  With high utilization of the beach by our members, I’d like to provide a reminder that the rules for the beach were determined and agreed to by the membership.  As a dog owner myself I’d love to play fetch with my dog at the beach so they can jump in the lake. However, rules are rules and even if no members are present at the beach, dogs are not allowed. 

Also while currently not a ‘posted rule’ please note that the new Adirondack chairs are NOT to be put in the lake.  These chairs are made of wood and have metal mechanisms that will rust and we want to keep them nice for a long time.  If you want to put a chair in the lake to sit on, please bring your OWN beach chair.   Also, please do NOT put any diapers down the porta potty, but rather throw them out in our trash cans by the bike rack or take them home with you. The Day Docks by the garage are only to be used as a temporary docking and NOT for overnight parking for days at a time.  Lastly please lock the Boat Ramp chain after each use.

During our August 14th General Membership meeting at the beach, we heard the recommendations from the Safety & Security Committee.  Three companies provided competitive quotes for security cameras for the beach and marina.   After discussion with the attending general members and the SBIA Board, a motion was made to move forward with cameras and the vote passed.  SoundCheck, Inc. will be installing the new system very soon, however we SBIA volunteers will need to do some prep work.  To that end, we are looking for some volunteers who can help install two poles and trench and lay some conduit.  Please contact me if you are interested in helping out.

Also, the Master Plan Committee discussed the second survey contents to ensure our process and data collection was on point.  Also, it was decided to rename this committee the Long Term Planning Committee. 

Be on the lookout in your mailbox for a letter with info and a link to take the survey OR if you want to start right away, see the section in this newsletter about the Long Term Projects to begin.

Please be advised of the final lake treatment of the year (Scheduled September 12) with a focus on Starry Stonewort and Lilly pad reduction  In addition, they will be treating the Elmgate bay as it was not treated for invasives in early July.

The next General Membership meeting will be September 18th at the beach pavilion.

Hope you find this information beneficial and have a great remainder of summer!