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President’s Letter March 2023

Happy Spring!


On February 21st we held a general membership meeting and the Board got after the business at hand. The key highlights are below.


  • We received three bids for the 2023 mowing & landscape service for our three properties.  After reviewing and discussing each, the Board voted and selected Collins Landscaping for the 2023 season, and discharged the previous contractor.


  • The board approved for D&D Tree Service to go ahead with the removal of the trees damaged during the recent winter storm at the Park.  


  • The board approved for our Treasurer to select and transfer all funds to a new bank or credit union that will offer us the highest interest rate for the money saved in the dredge fund, which currently has a balance of approximately $69K.  We felt confident we could get at least 4.5% CD for 1 year for these funds.


  • The board approved the final verbiage and the go ahead to buy and install a new sign that will be installed in the Park by the basketball court.


  • There was discussion around SBIA’s leadership and involvement in the collection of funds and contracting for Upper Straits Lake annual fireworks.  Rick Cumbo has been doing a fantastic job of leading and managing this event for two decades.  With the new SAD’s now in place for lake maintenance, there’s a desire to migrate the fireworks funding and contracting to USCLA for the 2024 events and beyond.  Next steps are for Rick and Larry Goss to discuss this at the next USCLA board meeting.  


  • There was discussion around what savings target or goal was needed for the dredge fund, which led to discussions on: the marina and future funding needed for dock repair and/or replacement, the positive impact the biopods are having in the marina and the potential to avoid the need for future dredging; to bathrooms being added to the beach pavilion and other beach improvements, ideas for turning the garage into a pavilion and improvements to the basketball court.  Most if not all of these ideas have been floating around for years and all come with differing costs and membership priorities.   


  • The idea was presented to develop a SBIA 10 – 20 Year Master Plan that would enable us to prioritize and fund future projects desired by our members.  A Master Plan committee was formed to identify future projects, get estimates on cost & timing, and then present their findings in a future membership meeting to get input on prioritizations and next steps from the Board.  If you have any ideas for improvements you would like to see please let a Board member know.


  • With a couple of boat slips coming available, there was discussion around the timing of assigning new boat slips.  Please note that this can’t happen until shortly after the collection of the annual dues.  


  • The next general membership meeting will be on April 10 at Jill Segal’s house located at: 3835 Lakeview.  I look forward to seeing you there.