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SBIA Project List Survey

SBIA’s Board is looking to create a SBIA Master Plan that can be used over the next 10 – 15 years that would include improvement projects for the membership to enjoy and to increase our property values.  These projects would need to be funded and prioritized, thus we would like to get your input.

This first survey’s goal is to capture all the improvement project ideas from the membership. You’ll see we have identified some projects that are more significant – Capital Projects, versus others that are smaller that let’s call Maintenance Projects.  Please review these and then answer the question of what other project(s) would you like us to add to the list.

Once we have captured all the projects, we will then send a second survey asking for each of you to express your interest in each project and to rank order all the projects. 

Our request is one survey per household.  Thanks!

Below is a list of various improvement projects that have been surfaced to the Board.

SBIA Master Plan Project List Survey

Capital Projects

The following is a list of larger projects that members have suggested that will provide additional functionality or amenities.
  1. Permanent Bathroom(s) at the beach pavillion
    • Build 1 or 2 unisex bathrooms, connect to city water and sewer
  2. Transform the garage into an open marina cabana
    • The idea is to remove all the walls but keep the roof and floor to create a cabana that can be used by the boaters and people fishing, as well as continued use with limited storage.   The space could be used for day dockers/boaters as a staging area, to pick up waiting passengers, etc.
  3. Resurface marina grounds, landscape, low voltage lighting
    • Our beach and marina should be the show pieces of our neighborhood.  As cars have beat up the grass leaving weeds, muddy pot holes and dirt, the marina grounds leave a lot to be desired.  The idea is to rip up all the grass and lay down grass paver mesh that will enable the grounds to be re-leveled and sodded so that cars can drive and park on the grass without the grass being torn up. We could also install borders for the gravel drive for definitive cleaner lines.  With great grass, we would also install a lake source sprinkler system to the marina to keep it nice and low voltage access up lighting.  There’s also been expressed desire to plant trees or to use some type of fence where the current rocks are that separate the marina trailer parking from the street.
  4. Beach landscape improvements
    • Landscape the northside of the beach where the old tree was and add trees to fill in that property line.
What additional capital improvement projects would you like to see? (Please provide as much detail as you can along with why you would like it added.)

Maintenance Projects

The following is a list of smaller projects desired by many members
  1. Beach kayak area improvement
    • Expand the built up land on the back of the pavilion for easier transitioning area for the kayakers
  2. Beach lighting improvement
    • Add low voltage permanent accent lighting to beach area
  3. Replace the sand under the kids play structure at the beach with rubber or turf
    • Most school play structures now have rubberized or turf like surfaces.  We have sand at the beach for the kids to play there, instead of under the play structure.
  4. Electronic Marina Lock & FOB Keys
    • We’d like to move away from an old school key for marina access to a member using a small FOB that would provide better control and use options.
  5. Resurfacing the basketball court
    • The current court has various cracks and it could use repairing
  6. Removing the cottonwood tree at the beach and replacing it with an evergreen and/or turning the trunk into a totem carving.
    • This tree is the bane of every boater's existence every spring when it drops its cotton for weeks on all the boats and surrounding area.  Whoever planted this one years ago, wasn’t a boater!
What additional maintenance improvement projects would you like to see? (Please provide as much detail as you can along with why you would like it added.)
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