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President’s Letter May 2023

We held our General Membership meeting at the beach pavilion on May 8th.  The two main topics of discussion were: 1) the Treasurer’s update – for more on this see Rick’s article here; and the review and discussion of the revised Boat Dock Rules.  

On the Boat Dock Rules, there was input received on: 

a) the time period for subletting docks and when they will become available; 

b) how much time a subletter should be provided to remove their boat;

c) the dues for subletting. 

There was good discussion on this and a motion was passed to make a revision to the wording relating to these points.  Following that, there was a motion to pass the revised Boat Dock Rules which also passed.  The new Boat Dock Rules can be found here and will also be posted to our website.

Other Topics Discussed:

Master Plan:  On the topic of The Master Plan, the Committee focused on this will meet on May 16th to map out next steps.  As I shared at the General Membership meeting, it’s been almost 20 years since any major improvements were made by the Shady Beach Improvement Association.   Over that same time period we’ve seen our home values improve significantly and many new homes added and improvements made to existing homes.  Now is the time to be thinking about how we can invest in our shared properties.  

The Master Plan Committee will be sending out a Membership survey to all our 2023 paid members to get input on the projects identified.  It will be sent via email soon and we look forward to hearing from each of you.   If you still need to get your 2023 dues submitted, you can download form here.

Seawall Maintenance:  Getting quotes on the needed seawall maintenance along with quotes for dock maintenance and/or replacement are central to determining a target savings number for what we are now calling the Marina Fund, formally the Dredge Fund.  Once these savings numbers are known, we’ll then be able to set a time horizon and saving plan for the Marina Fund AND better understand what if any funds can be used for other improvement projects.  

By the way, the reason we changed the name from the Dredge Fund to Marina Fund was we have collectively come to the conclusion, based on data from measurements, that we may never need to dredge the marina and canal area in the future.  As most of you are aware we have invested in marine technology that deploys aerated and non-aerated pods under our docks that deploy micro-organisms that eat the muck off the bottom of the canal, to keep the canal at a navigable depth, and also help reduce the top water algae plumes.  Thus the funds we are setting aside will be applied to things relating to the Marina such as the seawall, docks, ramp, etc. 

Lastly, there’s three additional items you should be aware of:

  • Kayakers please take note that we will hold the kayak slip lottery meeting during our next General Membership meeting which will be June 5th, 7pm at the Beach Pavillion.
  • We scheduled a date for our Summer Solstice and Ice Cream Social parties.
  • The play structure at the beach will be power washed, restained, and all bolts tightened soon.

See you out there on the lake!